Saturday, February 25, 2012

Le Look of 60s--Jean Shrimpton

Please give me a number of how many current designers try to get inspiration from the 60s? I leafed through magazines and found out the beauty of 60s. One of the world's first group of famous models--Jean Shrimpton--an English model popped up on the covers of Vogue, Bazaar, Elle and so forth.

Let's take a look at her representative 60's looks. Some are elegant, while others are the well-known 60s baby look
exquisite make-up, typical 60s hairstyle

She opened the 60s fashion by a glimpse of British beauty, with a touch of French elegant, and American baby look.

Most of her photos were shot by her boyfriend of the day David Bailey.

"A Bailey woman has a distinct look. A Bailey woman is a real woman of flesh and blood and sex...I always tried to make my fashion photographs more like Cole Porter songs in my mind, and my portraits more like the blues." The Times, August 2009

Jean Shrimpton & David Bailey

David Bailey & Jean Shrimpton recent snapshot

Grace and elegant, young girl grew up, from 60s to 21st century. Time flies, style changed, fashion is still going on..

I read one sentence talking about style and fashion and want to share with you

"Style is independent of fashion. Those who have style can indeed accept or ignore fashion. For them fashion is not something to be followed, it is rather something to be set, to select from or totally reject. Style is spontaneous, inborn. It is the gloriously deliberate, unpremeditated but divine gift of the few."
--Vogue 1976

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