Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Goodbye My Long Hairdo

It has been more than one week I think that I cut my hair… well FINALLY

You might ask why I said finally...

  • I am not brave enough to have my hair cut by a western hairdresser due to my 'very Asian' hair-straight, hard, huge volume….
  • I would like to have long hair that it can float in the air
  • I could use my turban (unfortunately, I lost my Hermès scarf in Nice..I died….)
  • I could have a ponytail, a bun..etc…change it everyday

But before last year, I had had short hair style more than 3 years, it was changeable as well---every month…though if I had long hair, I could change it every day…but you know what I mean right? with short hair, it is the REAL change…I had my hairdo be different from the former month..It was awesome…c'mon, life need to be fresh…we agree on that?

Luckily I found more reasons to cut my hair…I am on purpose~ hihi

  • Every girl is in long hair..I prefer to be different..
  • I can change it to another style the next time I go to a coiffeur..
  • To be cool as Kate Lanphear, Elisa
  • I suit in short hair than long one
  • I miss my short hairstyles 
  • I could stand out from a group of long-hair girls if my haircut is well done
  • I have to admit it that it is SO EASY to wash the hair when they are quite short
  • No worries when it is windy
  • I don't feel HOT in a summer day with intense heat
  • I won't eat my hair when I have a dinner
  • Nobody can grab my hair when I am in a crowded bus or metro
  • Good for the hair quality
  • Say goodbye to hairpins

I was nervous to tremble when I was taking an appointment…I was not sure at all whether they would ruin my hair or not….

Finally..I chose Toni&Guy of course…as what I did in Beijing..I trust them…if they destroyed my hair, I would have said goodbye to them…

I was just soooooo lucky…LOOK

Yes I was lucky, I ran into a Japanese stylist who has been worked there for more than 7 years..obviously he knows Asian hair…I relieved…

and NOBODY said I looked bad in my new hairdo!!  well, not yet..

Short hair is not equal to BOYish…look,  I was in DIOR dress...


in Paris as always

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Vieux Nice

I am luckily in Nice, 5 hours train from Paris to Nice, it wasn't as sucks as what I thought, actually it was fast..I had nothing in mind about Nice, I didn't know this city except that it was a costal city with great see and sunshine.

I didn't know there was a Vieux Nice, where I had a crush on it right away, even though I walked around in the intense heat, like 30 degree. Just as what I said to my friends, I can't be even stopped by flea market, let alone old cities like Lisbon and Vieux Nice.

I am too tired to write a lot more, actually I am not tired because of traveling, but because of the heat, it makes me exhausted..

Here are two shots of Vieux Nice, it reminds me of Lisbon…

See you soon


Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Perfect Red

What is the most or the deepest RED for you? 
Yes, I am like Diana Vreeland, looking for the RIGHT red, well, for my lips.

I only used red as lipstick color before, but recently, I tried orange, pink, of course I keep nude as well, but red suits me better than the others.

I've been craving for Tom Ford for a long time. Finally, I received a Cherry Lush as a gift.
I bet all of you know who Tom Ford is. A sexy guy creates sexy, sensual, lavish feelings.
It looks sexy with its black and golden cover engraved with TF. It just enormously gives me a sensory experience, like I will be in Tom's advertising.

I don't even wanna use it because I don't want to destroy the perfect but delicate engraved TF...
I am a red mania..I am looking for the perfect red, le plus rouge (btw, you see my nail? in red)
It is the perfect red I 've been looking for.
Tom Ford! 

in Paris

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend Escape--Deauville

I don't know yet whether I will have my vacation, so I just try to escape from Paris for a weekend and enjoy the sunshine pretending to be in vacation.

It's like a cliché, Parisians always spend their weekends in Deauville. A small coastal city in the north of France. How did I know this city? Chanel opened her 1st clothing boutique in Deauville.

It's a city with rich residents, as you can see in the picture full of private yachts. Walking around in the city center, you will be just surrounded by luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Chanel, you name it. It is small (3.57 km2) but enough for you to spend one weekend, enjoy the beach, the sea, family etc.

The view from my balcony where I stayed. Villers-sur-Mer

I was so lucky that the week before I arrived in Deauville, it rained almost everyday. But it started to be sunny right after I got there! How amazing it was!! not too many people on the beach, I have my area to get tanned! 

Sunset view from my balcony

I think I will go back to Deauville very soon with friends. Hope it will be staying HOT!!

in Paris