Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Perfect Red

What is the most or the deepest RED for you? 
Yes, I am like Diana Vreeland, looking for the RIGHT red, well, for my lips.

I only used red as lipstick color before, but recently, I tried orange, pink, of course I keep nude as well, but red suits me better than the others.

I've been craving for Tom Ford for a long time. Finally, I received a Cherry Lush as a gift.
I bet all of you know who Tom Ford is. A sexy guy creates sexy, sensual, lavish feelings.
It looks sexy with its black and golden cover engraved with TF. It just enormously gives me a sensory experience, like I will be in Tom's advertising.

I don't even wanna use it because I don't want to destroy the perfect but delicate engraved TF...
I am a red mania..I am looking for the perfect red, le plus rouge (btw, you see my nail? in red)
It is the perfect red I 've been looking for.
Tom Ford! 

in Paris

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