Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Do you wear 'stripes'?

yes, the stripes have never faded out of our fashion stage! They didn't, they don't and they won't.

Especially the things related to Black & White
such as zebra stripes

what's classic? black & white in PICASSO!!!!

la classe!

but here's a problem--horizontal or vertical stripes? which kinds of stripes will make you look F-A-T? and which make you slimmer? normal vertical stripes slim your body line. if you are a bit ronde, choose vertical lines, which are safe!!

American Apparel Black&White stripes top
I hadn't even tried it on before I went to the cashier..I just hit on it!

For 30 degree in Paris, I am tired to wear too much accessories, different pieces on, one-piece dress from H&M with Black&White stripes, how simple it is!
H&M dress
H&M sandals
Prada bag
Miu Miu sunglasses
in the area of Marais

la classe!

I got tanned right? I went to Deauville last weekend, the weather was amazing!! I was lucky! like what Rachel would say: I died

I will tell you my Deauville trip next time
Kisses my friends

in Paris

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Inspiration #1-with a heart-shaped tree

Today's look for 27 degree in Paris. Simple and I could get tanned easily..adorable! 
PS, the top has a open back, that's why I match a neon tube with it..

what do you think about this tree? a Heart Shape Tree!! 
amazing romantic Paris right?

Good night Paris

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Vintage Looks

Once I step into American Apparel shops, I will take something out with me.. always…
It's getting warmer in Paris, and I started to work as well, everything goes well well and well.

 I am crazy in love with this pants, this color, and its material, soft and smooth..amazing

turban, cat-eye sunglasses with this outfit. I walked in the street, a couple of girls in a cafe were looking at me when I passed by…a vintage look quoi….I LOVE IT!!

Top: American Apparel
Dress: American Apparel
Pants: American Apparel
Scarf: Hermes
Shoes: Andro
Watch: DKNY
Sunglasses: Miu Miu

Luyi in Paris

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Where's summer in Paris?

Yes, I didn't write wrongly.. there seems no summer in Paris this year..the weather right now for me is more like autumn..It rains everyday, every 20 minutes..the rare sunshine is just so weak for people, like me, to get tanned..

We dress ourselves in blazer, pull-over, scarves, pants, booties etc, every clothes you can imagine which people should wear in even early winter.. I am craving for sunshine…. merde…ohoh, sorry for speaking out a bad word…but, I mean it…

So, no bikini, no shorts for me these days…how sad I am…  :((

But, luckily, it is not SO cold that I couldn't wear sandals… I hit on NEON color recently, which I hadn't believed it suited me..but click! now I have tube on neon, shoes on neon, bikini on neon, dress on neon…. I am not crazy…shhhh

That was the only day I was able to wear a short, it wasn't as cold as this weekend.. and I love the top with a open back and it is on silver!! my style… There was a short underneath my top.. hey people…

The next day, from shorts to sweater,,, yes, I told you…It was raining. Who cares about the shitty weather? I just can't live without my turban and cat-eye sunglasses these days, that's all.

It couldn't stop us to go for a "sympa" afternoon tea, which was awesome!!
Aki boulanger in Pyramide. A successful Japanese bakery conquered French patisserie.. Everything in green tea is famous here. So…as you can see in the picture.. two girls with FOUR green tea cakes and cafe au lait.. we are totally insane…leave us do it..

I promise, it's worth a try, really, little boulangerie in the corner of street, you just enjoy your lazy afternoon with a cup of coffee and some dessert, seeing people pass by.. how adorable..

 It keeps raining today. It should have been a wonderful summer Sunday…anyways

How are you my friends?

kisses from Paris

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Turban with Hermès Carré

I've said that I was a turban girl. I love using scarfs as turban or headband, matching with red lips and a styli shed huge sunglasses.. All together give you a vintage classic look. How wonderful it is!

Days ago, I have a crush on two Hermès Carré 90*90 cm, (pictures followed) I especially love the red one, since I am always a red, black mania..It's a pure silk foulard with consummate quality and texture, which is quite famous of Hermès. And Carré, money-maker of this age-old French maison. 

attend,,, MDR!!!!! I just realized I bought two carre with the same models in different color!!!…How deeply in love with this model….Mdr….

Here we go. I love this photo, I have a friend even told me that I looked like Audrey Hupburn!! ah bon!
and other Chinese friends rather said I was like Fan Bing Bing, a well-known Chinese actress who was the ending model of Stephane Rolland Haute Couture Show in Paris several days ago. Well, anyways, I am happy with each version…

And what's more? When I stepped into an Hermes boutique, almost all the Hermes salespeople complimented my turban, and asked me to teach them how to make it.. "Ca glisse??" .. NON, ça glisse pas du tout avec le carré Hermès!! 

Turban: Hermès Carré 90cm * 90 cm
Sunglasses: Miumiu
Lipstick: MAC + L'Oréal
Leather top: Maje

How's your weekend? I have loads of finals to go from tomorrow…Good luck for me..

in Paris (as always)