Sunday, July 15, 2012

Where's summer in Paris?

Yes, I didn't write wrongly.. there seems no summer in Paris this year..the weather right now for me is more like autumn..It rains everyday, every 20 minutes..the rare sunshine is just so weak for people, like me, to get tanned..

We dress ourselves in blazer, pull-over, scarves, pants, booties etc, every clothes you can imagine which people should wear in even early winter.. I am craving for sunshine…. merde…ohoh, sorry for speaking out a bad word…but, I mean it…

So, no bikini, no shorts for me these days…how sad I am…  :((

But, luckily, it is not SO cold that I couldn't wear sandals… I hit on NEON color recently, which I hadn't believed it suited me..but click! now I have tube on neon, shoes on neon, bikini on neon, dress on neon…. I am not crazy…shhhh

That was the only day I was able to wear a short, it wasn't as cold as this weekend.. and I love the top with a open back and it is on silver!! my style… There was a short underneath my top.. hey people…

The next day, from shorts to sweater,,, yes, I told you…It was raining. Who cares about the shitty weather? I just can't live without my turban and cat-eye sunglasses these days, that's all.

It couldn't stop us to go for a "sympa" afternoon tea, which was awesome!!
Aki boulanger in Pyramide. A successful Japanese bakery conquered French patisserie.. Everything in green tea is famous here. So…as you can see in the picture.. two girls with FOUR green tea cakes and cafe au lait.. we are totally insane…leave us do it..

I promise, it's worth a try, really, little boulangerie in the corner of street, you just enjoy your lazy afternoon with a cup of coffee and some dessert, seeing people pass by.. how adorable..

 It keeps raining today. It should have been a wonderful summer Sunday…anyways

How are you my friends?

kisses from Paris

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