Friday, November 25, 2011

Belles Montres, 2011

I went to the Belles Montres exhibition today, in Carrousel du Louvre.
Just use one word to express my feeling--BREATHTAKING!

For me, I am someone who is into fashion, not really these luxury watches, jewelries, which are too hard for me to figure out their technics. (I tried hard to say something professional, but I failed..wait, I'll check out some brochures I got from the exhibition. I have a lot… Well, Ok next time, I promise :))
The exhibitors

I fell in love with Louis Erard..the face of the watches just couldn't be simpler..superficially, I love it..

 Serpenti, Bvlgari
it's pretty and shinning, but wearing a snake on the wrist? Not for me

 CHANEL, this little version with diamonds is much prettier than the J12 we can buy in the boutique. it's…WoW, dazzling!

He was working to put some diamonds on a watch..Mont Blanc..Admirable!

seriously, watches are a kind of art. Technical art.
I was trying to differentiate "automatique" and "manuel"….I will learn more for next post….


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Little Trip in Mellier, Belgium

Actually, I was back from Belgium one weeks ago, but I still can't stop riffling my traveling photos..

I was a travel addict. The first time that I picked up my backpack and traveled alone was at the age of 18, to Tibet. Since then I just can't stop moving, out of home, out of my city, out of my friends etc. in desire of breathing fresh air, meeting new people, experiencing life.

Well, back to my topic of Mellier. I had one week break from school. where to go? The nearer, the more convenient. In addition, I have a local friend who can be my tourguide. That's why I always want to expand my friend circle to everywhere…you know me..

And lazy Saturday, I skip the mention of Bruxelles, Bruges, because I think you guys know more about me.. However, Mellier? none of my French friends even ever heard about it. so…..

Mellier is a tiny, tranquil countryside in the south of Belgium. It's so small that everybody knows each other and thanks to my friend, I made many friends among his buddies known since they were toddlers..

Regarde, regarde, in Autumn, this village belongs to this season entirely.

The views of this village are breathtaking. It was extremely calm. Far from rowdy, polluted cities, just blue sky, autumn trees, you can rarely meet one person in your 1 hour's walk..

I love this place, a weekend spent in such place, life is much more beautiful, isn't it? what do you need to complain?

Well well, to sum up, tips for what you should do there:

  • It's better to have a little dog with you for walking leisurely around;
  • If not, find someone, lover's better accompanying you;
  • Be good looking, because you can't resist taking pictures, no matter the sceneries or yourself;
  • Take water with you..!! I was thirsty to death after nearly two hours walk, or maybe you wanna bring some food, why not?

with friend's little puppy, I was fascinated by Mellier



Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mini Model--Hudson Kroenig

Do you still remember that little adorable buddy who walked with his daddy in Chanel S/S 2011? Still fascinated by his charming cute face?
If you don't know this kiddy who once raised a wave in fashion world, it's ok, just look at his photos now, your thoughts will be captured by his pure innocent face. And imagine he is in Chanel tweed suit or wears a Fendi hat...

His name is Hudson Kroenig, his dad is Brad Kroenig

Let's discover his wardrobe….

 baby CHANEL, soooooo cute
 Fendi pursuer 

Never too early to foster your fashion minds!!!
look at Hudson!!


Black'n'White Photos

Hey guys! I just woke up, and it is already 10 o' I too lazy? anyway, when I hadn't fully open up my eyes, I saw a photo, on which the lady was very elegant with large pearl earrings, delicate make-up AND classic bob hairstyle..Suddenly I wasn't sleepy at all.

Marisa Berenson

Black'n'White pictures always arouse my inside reminiscence, I can't resist to look at them longer. There are histories, stories behind them as well as what I talked about in the former post--VINTAGE, CLASSIC.

In the fashion world, photographers use this kind of photo to express a more classy, more calm situation. It is not like colorful pictures embracing modernity and fickleness.

Brigitte Bardot. Photograph by Terry O'Neill, 1971. © Terry O'Neill.

Loulou de la Falaise with Yves Saint Laurent

We don't need colorful element in Black'n'White photos. Instead, everything is just plain and tranquil by performing in black or white, maybe a little bit gray. 

I always want to develop some B&W photos, but unfortunately, I don't know how to do it..and FLEMME! maybe I can just use iPhone apps to transfer my photos into B&W form.. life is much easier huh!

No sunshine in Pairs today, but it's not cold, even we are in November!
des bisous,


Vintage Fad

I love Paris, because I can get many clothes from various vintage stores with a little cost getting a total classic and vintage dress, jacket, bag, sweater etc.

Entering those vintage shops, the first feeling is the familiar smell, well, I am not saying that it smells good, but just FAMILIAR and make me feel like I am in somewhere like home! :)

You can find many attracting sparkles in a vintage store, maybe not every time, but you will always be inspired by those vintages.

Every time I go to those stores, there are packed with people, different age groups, different styles, different nationalities, punk or hippies, both boys and girls, they all have one identical objective----VINTAGE themselves!!

My recent "capture" is a X-large pure blue suit, I got it from a vintage store in Bruges. I walked in that store accidentally when I was enjoying my trip in Belgium.

well, obviously, it's too large for me, but I love it! too blue to be blue..Ashlee always wants to grab it from me, as a stylist, she loves it too!!

Hold a sec, you ask me about the price? ok it is……………..12.5€..
You can never get a suit at that price from any high-fashion stores, I suppose you know it?

Vintage stores are not merely in Paris. There are several organized ones in Bruges. They are so calm and tidy (I couldn't find other words) in comparing with those in Paris. There is not so many people in the stores, and no bags of clothes on the floor snatching the limited spaces in the shop. In Paris, fans just rush into the shop and grab what they fancy in their first glimpse, if we slowed one second, the vintage piece would drop into other's shopping bag.. SPEED!!

two pieces vintage: little pinky/black flower dress (10€); green suit (10€)
well, with my precious umbrella (Jean Paul Gaultier--50€) purchased from a ancient-style shop in Saint Paul, LA CLASSE!

I once went to those vintage stores two days in a row, it's crazy right? I know…but I can't help it..

Maybe lots of you can't accept the clothes in vintage or second-hand clothes, I totally understand, choose what you want and enjoy our beautiful life!! That counts!!!!

Allez, it's 2h30 in the morning, the whole Paris is in its romantic yet elegant dreams. I should leave you guys, Good night, Good morning, Bon appetit to all different parts of time zones.


When Fashion Encounters Yayoi Kusama

OK, don't tell me how crazy this lady is and whether she is a psycho or not, she just expresses her artistic thoughts by an eternal fashionable element--DOTS. Well, she probably does not care about fashion, only immersing in her dot-making thoughts, but she somehow links art to fashion in an aesthetic way.

 Exhibition of YAYOI in Pompidou Center, 2011

Polka dots, Swiss dots or any other kinds of little circles, from vintage dress to current season of Marc Jacobs, dots seemingly represent perennial indispensable elements for no matter designers, fashion fans, chief editors of fashion mags or artists.

 Marc Jacobs/Diane von Furstenberg/David Koma

Look at Carine, in the polka dot Dolce & Gabbana dress

and this lady?

and what about these bottle of Coke? Dots join Karl, what a classic mix!

Move a bit from your MAC or PC, I know you don't want to leave from my diary, but check out your wardrobe, do you have any clothes with polka dots? 
--If you have, congratulations, you have fashion perceptions or at least you could be told that you are trendy without knowing the reason.
--If there is only black or white in your wardrobe, now, ACTION! you need to find at least one piece of clothes with DOTS, it will never be out-fashioned, and we call it VINTAGE!

LET'S "dot"!