Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vintage Fad

I love Paris, because I can get many clothes from various vintage stores with a little cost getting a total classic and vintage dress, jacket, bag, sweater etc.

Entering those vintage shops, the first feeling is the familiar smell, well, I am not saying that it smells good, but just FAMILIAR and make me feel like I am in somewhere like home! :)

You can find many attracting sparkles in a vintage store, maybe not every time, but you will always be inspired by those vintages.

Every time I go to those stores, there are packed with people, different age groups, different styles, different nationalities, punk or hippies, both boys and girls, they all have one identical objective----VINTAGE themselves!!

My recent "capture" is a X-large pure blue suit, I got it from a vintage store in Bruges. I walked in that store accidentally when I was enjoying my trip in Belgium.

well, obviously, it's too large for me, but I love it! too blue to be blue..Ashlee always wants to grab it from me, as a stylist, she loves it too!!

Hold a sec, you ask me about the price? ok it is……………..12.5€..
You can never get a suit at that price from any high-fashion stores, I suppose you know it?

Vintage stores are not merely in Paris. There are several organized ones in Bruges. They are so calm and tidy (I couldn't find other words) in comparing with those in Paris. There is not so many people in the stores, and no bags of clothes on the floor snatching the limited spaces in the shop. In Paris, fans just rush into the shop and grab what they fancy in their first glimpse, if we slowed one second, the vintage piece would drop into other's shopping bag.. SPEED!!

two pieces vintage: little pinky/black flower dress (10€); green suit (10€)
well, with my precious umbrella (Jean Paul Gaultier--50€) purchased from a ancient-style shop in Saint Paul, LA CLASSE!

I once went to those vintage stores two days in a row, it's crazy right? I know…but I can't help it..

Maybe lots of you can't accept the clothes in vintage or second-hand clothes, I totally understand, choose what you want and enjoy our beautiful life!! That counts!!!!

Allez, it's 2h30 in the morning, the whole Paris is in its romantic yet elegant dreams. I should leave you guys, Good night, Good morning, Bon appetit to all different parts of time zones.


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