Wednesday, November 9, 2011

When Fashion Encounters Yayoi Kusama

OK, don't tell me how crazy this lady is and whether she is a psycho or not, she just expresses her artistic thoughts by an eternal fashionable element--DOTS. Well, she probably does not care about fashion, only immersing in her dot-making thoughts, but she somehow links art to fashion in an aesthetic way.

 Exhibition of YAYOI in Pompidou Center, 2011

Polka dots, Swiss dots or any other kinds of little circles, from vintage dress to current season of Marc Jacobs, dots seemingly represent perennial indispensable elements for no matter designers, fashion fans, chief editors of fashion mags or artists.

 Marc Jacobs/Diane von Furstenberg/David Koma

Look at Carine, in the polka dot Dolce & Gabbana dress

and this lady?

and what about these bottle of Coke? Dots join Karl, what a classic mix!

Move a bit from your MAC or PC, I know you don't want to leave from my diary, but check out your wardrobe, do you have any clothes with polka dots? 
--If you have, congratulations, you have fashion perceptions or at least you could be told that you are trendy without knowing the reason.
--If there is only black or white in your wardrobe, now, ACTION! you need to find at least one piece of clothes with DOTS, it will never be out-fashioned, and we call it VINTAGE!

LET'S "dot"!

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