Saturday, November 12, 2011

Little Trip in Mellier, Belgium

Actually, I was back from Belgium one weeks ago, but I still can't stop riffling my traveling photos..

I was a travel addict. The first time that I picked up my backpack and traveled alone was at the age of 18, to Tibet. Since then I just can't stop moving, out of home, out of my city, out of my friends etc. in desire of breathing fresh air, meeting new people, experiencing life.

Well, back to my topic of Mellier. I had one week break from school. where to go? The nearer, the more convenient. In addition, I have a local friend who can be my tourguide. That's why I always want to expand my friend circle to everywhere…you know me..

And lazy Saturday, I skip the mention of Bruxelles, Bruges, because I think you guys know more about me.. However, Mellier? none of my French friends even ever heard about it. so…..

Mellier is a tiny, tranquil countryside in the south of Belgium. It's so small that everybody knows each other and thanks to my friend, I made many friends among his buddies known since they were toddlers..

Regarde, regarde, in Autumn, this village belongs to this season entirely.

The views of this village are breathtaking. It was extremely calm. Far from rowdy, polluted cities, just blue sky, autumn trees, you can rarely meet one person in your 1 hour's walk..

I love this place, a weekend spent in such place, life is much more beautiful, isn't it? what do you need to complain?

Well well, to sum up, tips for what you should do there:

  • It's better to have a little dog with you for walking leisurely around;
  • If not, find someone, lover's better accompanying you;
  • Be good looking, because you can't resist taking pictures, no matter the sceneries or yourself;
  • Take water with you..!! I was thirsty to death after nearly two hours walk, or maybe you wanna bring some food, why not?

with friend's little puppy, I was fascinated by Mellier



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