Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Goodbye My Long Hairdo

It has been more than one week I think that I cut my hair… well FINALLY

You might ask why I said finally...

  • I am not brave enough to have my hair cut by a western hairdresser due to my 'very Asian' hair-straight, hard, huge volume….
  • I would like to have long hair that it can float in the air
  • I could use my turban (unfortunately, I lost my Hermès scarf in Nice..I died….)
  • I could have a ponytail, a bun..etc…change it everyday

But before last year, I had had short hair style more than 3 years, it was changeable as well---every month…though if I had long hair, I could change it every day…but you know what I mean right? with short hair, it is the REAL change…I had my hairdo be different from the former month..It was awesome…c'mon, life need to be fresh…we agree on that?

Luckily I found more reasons to cut my hair…I am on purpose~ hihi

  • Every girl is in long hair..I prefer to be different..
  • I can change it to another style the next time I go to a coiffeur..
  • To be cool as Kate Lanphear, Elisa
  • I suit in short hair than long one
  • I miss my short hairstyles 
  • I could stand out from a group of long-hair girls if my haircut is well done
  • I have to admit it that it is SO EASY to wash the hair when they are quite short
  • No worries when it is windy
  • I don't feel HOT in a summer day with intense heat
  • I won't eat my hair when I have a dinner
  • Nobody can grab my hair when I am in a crowded bus or metro
  • Good for the hair quality
  • Say goodbye to hairpins

I was nervous to tremble when I was taking an appointment…I was not sure at all whether they would ruin my hair or not….

Finally..I chose Toni&Guy of course…as what I did in Beijing..I trust them…if they destroyed my hair, I would have said goodbye to them…

I was just soooooo lucky…LOOK

Yes I was lucky, I ran into a Japanese stylist who has been worked there for more than 7 years..obviously he knows Asian hair…I relieved…

and NOBODY said I looked bad in my new hairdo!!  well, not yet..

Short hair is not equal to BOYish…look,  I was in DIOR dress...


in Paris as always

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