Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend Escape--Deauville

I don't know yet whether I will have my vacation, so I just try to escape from Paris for a weekend and enjoy the sunshine pretending to be in vacation.

It's like a cliché, Parisians always spend their weekends in Deauville. A small coastal city in the north of France. How did I know this city? Chanel opened her 1st clothing boutique in Deauville.

It's a city with rich residents, as you can see in the picture full of private yachts. Walking around in the city center, you will be just surrounded by luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Chanel, you name it. It is small (3.57 km2) but enough for you to spend one weekend, enjoy the beach, the sea, family etc.

The view from my balcony where I stayed. Villers-sur-Mer

I was so lucky that the week before I arrived in Deauville, it rained almost everyday. But it started to be sunny right after I got there! How amazing it was!! not too many people on the beach, I have my area to get tanned! 

Sunset view from my balcony

I think I will go back to Deauville very soon with friends. Hope it will be staying HOT!!

in Paris

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