Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Where's spring?

I was about to ask "where is summer", but it seems that goes a bit too far… it is -9 in Paris!!! Can you believe it? we are already in Feb!!

It's bloody freezing in the daytime, let alone at night..I would rather stay inside and hold a cup of HOT chocolate or coffee to read magazines or chill out on the internet..nothing could be better than staying warm!!

I finally bought the Arty ring of Yves Saint Laurent, which I had visited twice in the boutique and for the third time, I just took it for not even 5 minutes!! For the first two times, not only the color/style is bizarre, but also the sizes of the rings are too small for me.. But come on, those were all my excuses, I just tried to persuade myself not to spend money on a ring whose color might fade within 3 months (I hope that will not happen…)

However, I am someone who will accomplish the thing that comes up into my mind in the very beginning, no matter after how many months..so I went to Printemps, directly to the stand of YSL jewelry, and picked out the red clashed with gold and little pink "golden" ring, paid it, and went back to school..

Actually I desired to buy the limited edition for Valentine's day, which is graved with a "love" in the back of the ring. But the reality is…this "love" ring is a limited edition which was sold out in the first day out and were all bought by an Indonesian customer…WTF..(Shhhhh)

But I love what I chose…it is a piece of art!!!! bling on my finger, and shining..

 I finally found out the "love wall" in Montmartre...

Love Love

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