Monday, October 15, 2012

Edward Hopper

Edward Hopper's retrospective exhibition is on in Grand Palais.

I finally managed to see one of my favorite painters' works last saturday after 2 hours' wait in the is a great exhibition that I watched every video clips and every single word of Hopper's work, his life, influence to inspire him, his days in Paris etc.

The closest distance I could hold with my favorite artist, it is incredible.

The solitary images make me connect myself with Hopper's work, a lonely girl travels around the world, brave enough, cares about nothing...go straightly..

 I forgot where I bought this post card, which is the painting of Hopper -- Automat (1927). Let's not to think about the real story of Hopper's intention to create this painting, but the girl in view is a lonely traveler for me, who stays in an automat at night to pass the time waiting for someone or just sipping in her cup alone... Simply the reflect of myself, who always travel alone and pass her night in airport, train station, hostel etc..

I just wanna confirm that this exhibition is fabulous, you should just go there and enjoy the feast of his works!! I bet I will go to see again..

Useful information:
Grand Palais
From 10 Oct 2012 to 28 Jan 2013

Good night
in Paris

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