Sunday, January 15, 2012

Back from 1 month Trip

I disappeared for more than one month, because it was a disaster in the end of last semester. I couldn't handle both my schooling and blogs…and one month break, what would I do? of course traveling!!

but I will catch up my trips in the next post, I am too tired to post any travelogue right now, it's already 2am in Paris!!!

I'm just up here to paste two pictures that I took tonight

Vintage sunglasses, I bought from Lisboa. There was a flea market, which was HUGE. and I got this pair of glasses for 8 euro!!! c'est cadeau!!!
and the two postcards I picked up in the museum Jeu de Paume today after the visit to Diane Arbus's exhibition. J'ai craque pour les deux cartes de postales!!!

I have the addict to collect postcards from each of my trips. I send them back or I bring them back. I need something to remind me of my trips in the future, and more importantly, they are pretty!!!!
just several I've got, they are from Barcelona, Lisboa, Milano, Venice, Bern, Zurich, Paris etc. others are on their way home!!

Good night my friends~
Des bisoussss


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