Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In My Bag

That was all my belongings I have in my bag during the trips to Metz and Florence. I am the kind of girls who are manic with HUGE bags, in which I can put whatever I think I would need..So, as you see, I brought my huge "luggage" bag with me, which is really big and I had a crush on it right way in the boutique.

A bag can make me feel comfortable, that's a good start!
I can't live without my lipsticks and I am a loyal customer to MAC..which I just really has solid colors and pure texture! I brought orange and red with me all the time, and Sephora red lip liner (if you know that red lips are the hardest to draw I need both lip liner and lipstick); Avène lip balm which we need not only in winter, remember to protect your lips while using colored lipsticks; tanned balm for cheek from Topshop which I had found in Colette; to-go perfume bottle with J'adore in it; USB key, I wasn't on purpose to bring it on trips, but I just have this habit to bring it from school to life; clips and band-aid--I was traveling…who knows what would happen... (all these mentioned above were stored into my green Prada pochette); H&M earrings which I just wore one and put another in bag in case I lost one; notebook and pen, of course; Ipad to replace my heavy Mac; you can never go on a trip without music right? so, my Ipod, (I am really a golden addict, ain't I?); booooooks,< A to Z of Style> which I found in Gucci museum, it's my red treasure new love… oh oh, almost forgot, Iphone!! my weapon to take pictures…after I had my iphone, I seldom use my camera..I even left my Nikon D40x in Beijing!

Voila voila… huge heavy bag, I made it heavier… yes that's me!

What kind of bag do you use and what do you put in it when you are traveling?


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