Monday, April 23, 2012

Vacation Looks

Hello my friends, it's been ages…I was in vacation after a tiresome exam week..I went to Metz--a small town in north-east of France--and Florence!!!

Five days in Metz made me relaxed and escaped from hectic Paris. It was sunny almost everyday, and lucky me that I have a friend there hence I could crash in his place which was lot more convenient than finding a hostel, if there exists hostel…

I'am a turban girl, especially the time when summer is on her way…I've got this turban (actually it's a scarf) in Beijing which cost me only 7euro..and I brought it with me in France..sometimes I put it on my bag…thank god, it's multifunctional…LOL and it's in a easy-matched color pattern..huge sunglasses are always the partner with turban, as well as RED LIPSTICKS!! they will click right away…believe it or 'll see...

I love this coincidence… I was in Pompidou Center in Metz, this is the floor in a hall…my leggings were from Uniqlo with a shirt of H&M and a pair of rose-red ballerine.. the colors and patterns just CLICK again!!!

Guess where I was?? I was in one of the largest zooooooo in Europe…Zoo d'Amneville!!
wearing a pair of comfortable shoes with a maxi dress which would facilitate your walking tour in an ENORMOUS zooo with all those animals..

Have a look of Metz…the weather was fascinating; the air was fresher than that in Paris!! such an adorable place for holiday! 

Metz Opera

After having spent several lazy days in Metz, I joined school trip to Florence..where I was always looking forward to…It would be my 3rd Italian destinations after Milan and Venice and I conclude that I love Florence most!! I think everybody does..

I was standing on the prestige Ponte gorgeous Florence is! you can never find a brand-new constructions here…Renaissance vibe embraces you all the way around

Overview of the whole "TOWN"…Florence is quite small by comparison to Beijing…ok…to Paris..Beijing is always bigger than any cities though….
it's breathless right? the floral Firenze..the red roof…the Cathedral..Uffizi..Palazzo Pitti…you name it..

a huge "luggage" bag suits me well…I'am addicted to large bags…so that I am able to put all of my stuff into it and bring them with me in case I need something…although I always rummage in it..and hard to find out my small lighter…

BTW, recently, I can't live without my turban…I even wore it to supermarket just now!! and it sucks that Paris is not a city for turban,,, at least not now!! IT'S POURING OUTSIDE!!  :((

With this outfit…I was soooo surprised that there were a looooot of people looking at me on the street…even my friends noticed their staring and smiles…it's true that in a raining season, everybody wears dark clothes, grey or black…seems like we are still in winter…I just stood out of these pure black or grey, with something fresher…that's it…

spotted: I found out an AWESOME vintage store…he's the owner of …I am a patron of vintage or second hand matter in Paris or in Brugge.. all those boutiques I had been to were too small and bad organized..However, this one…OMG…it's HUGE and well furnished, arranged…high quality of clothes, vintage ties range from Chanel to Ferragamo..bags from Fendi to Valentino…I just have a crush on this store which hide in one of the street near Duomo…

Since when the feather earrings came to the stage? who can tell me? Anyway, I fall in love with them…and I only wore ONE

In front of Palazzo Pitti…just before I went to dig out the secrets of Medici Family..
look at that belt which I've found in that vintage store!!! 30 euro!!! I am an addict to GOLDEN can tell if you know me well.. xx

last night in Florence in an packed, local restaurant with friends…I just changed the turban everyday…
from vintage scarf to McQueen carre.. they made me feel

All in all, style is made by yourself and remember that, you should be yourself rather than being a copycat..Meanwhile, don't use pricey luxury goods decorating all over you…it's gonna be a ridiculous look ever..people will see you as someone who knows only using high-price to get noticed..

in Paris


  1. Ces photos sont superbes et j'adore ton style ! :)

  2. merci pour adorer mon suis contente!! <3