Friday, May 25, 2012

Le Look for 28 degree in Paris!!

Finalllllly, yes!!!

You must ask me what finally…
It's the weather in Paris! It finally turns warm, like summer! last few days, it was only 12 degree during the day…c'mon, we are in May!! In Beijing, it's been more than 30 for almost one month!

I am not like the Asian girls in general who desire fair skins during their whole life..they try every single beauty product to make their skins whiter and whiter..

I am a tanning-addict..Can't live without sunshine…I frequent Jardin du Luxenbourg, Jardin des Tuileries…It's horrible in weekend, there is no chairs at all, you have to "beg" for a chair from people who use one to put their legs on…anyways,

Today, it was 28 degree in was not just sunny, it was BURNING!!!

Well, let's back to my topic..LOOK du JOUR!

I just fell in love with black recently, no idea since when…maybe since I 've bought my little black top from H&M..j'ai craque!!

I've told you that I was a gold+black maniac…so here we go..
black top, black dress, black bag
EACH of them with a touch of GOLDEN color!!!!!
how classic that is..just amazing
Remember Dolce&Gabbana's Baroque feast this year??
Voila, that's it!

Tips: my friends fancy my belt, which matches well with my black look..
I found this belt in Florence, a Vintage Boutique..30euro..I am not a brand often drop by at any attractive second-hand/vintage shops.
you can find a lot of things that you can never find in a Chanel store!
I promise..

GO and TRY

Spotted: Place du Vendome

ohh, BTW, my watch, bracelet, rings are all in a golden accent!!!!!!
I am a crazy girl..well

Old rings with a new member, it's a Vuitton ring which I spent 20 mins in the shop to decide whether I need it or not..but you see, I took it..

I am a ….maniac of what?
I lost two rings in Lisbon, and I keep buying new ones…
From YSL to Folie Folie and now, Vuitton..
They really say something about my style and personality..
everybody need their styles to be different from others…Huge rings are my symbol, heavy accessories are my look as well..

but the funniest thing in summer is that, since I like load of bracelets always leave me with prints on my arms…I HATE THAT!!!!
and of course, you know what? It is SOOOO HOOOOT when you wear a lot of accessories in summer!!…I sweat… arms sweat…  ^^

Tomorrow it's gonna be 26, almost the same as today..I will have 9 hours class…jesus…if you ask me why I haven't slept yet at 2h41am? because I just finished preparing a project for tomorrow class..

J'en peux plus!!!
J'y vais…

Kisses my friends..
Tell me what do you wear during HOOOOOT days…
Do you like bronzer??? if so, you know where to find me and let's get tanned togetherrrrrrrrrrrr

in Paris


  1. Très jolie tenue, j'adore ta bague YSL !! :)

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