Wednesday, May 30, 2012

POSE yourself

Hello Hello my dearest friends, what's the first definition or thing coming up to your mind when you hear "pose"? I bet most of you don't know what that is when I hear it.

It's a smartphone app for people who love fashion to share their stylish look on it. I knew it from Rachel Zoe who published a link in her Facebook via Pose.

Personally, I adore this app since I am a fashion addict. I check out what people are wearing, I "Like" it as what we do in Facebook; I post my looks and get to know whether people like my appearance with the number of their "Likes". It's quite attractive, because I can assure if my taste of style get accepted by public eyes. (well, basically I don't really care about people's judges, but the more "Likes", the happier I am, c'est normal…people!!)

Here's the interface of POSE, you get "Hearts", meanwhile, you can note the brand of your "pieces"

It's a US-based app, hence most of the followers are in US

Voila, above is my sharing with you guys if you are into fashion, why not check what other people's wearing and maybe they will give you some ideas of what you are about to buy in…

Hereafter are several snapshots of my recent looks..27 degrees in Paris..I am dying..
No air-conditionings in classroom…

my hair is growing fast!!!
should I cut it?

I started to wear tubes, because I hate tanning prints..!!! jesus…you'd better kill me..
but I couldn't make the tanning part evenly now…the darker parts are getting darker while the lighter parts are getting darker as well, but always lagging behind…

Sunshine is my honey

ewwwww disgusting top prints

In Saint James Albany with my girls

It was my cherie Jary (same as a blogger) who took this picture with powerful her Blackberry

A look for dinner, I am those kinds of girl who rarely wear high-heels…how uncomfortable is that!

I should clean this mirror..I'll do it..for sure..
but don't know when XDDDDD

ok my friends, I don't know whether you like my looks or not.
but you can like other's look by POSE if you fancy to…

See you later, alligator..

in Paris

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